The AI Revolution

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If you did not read the first article on how AI can transform our lives you can read it here: The AI Takeover: Is the Human Replacement Package the Future of Work? : JeffreyAI

Most of us all now know that AI will start to transform our world. Today you see autonomous Taxis driving in a number of countries and other countries are looking to implement this soon. Very soon you will not need to own your own car or be dependent on a person to drive your taxi. Everyone driving a taxi today needs to rethink what they are offering. Perhaps a luxury service or taxi service with some entertainment AI can’t do. This would become a ‘nice’ but still something that AI wouldn’t be able to replace. In short, we need to level up as humans and make the service we can offer a lot more bespoke. The cost of this service will of course be more expensive than a normal AI taxi. However, everyone has something to celebrate once in a while!

This will likely give someone working in an easy-to-replace industry another 5 to 10 years of ability to have an income that AI can’t replace.

We need to invent new services and up our games and make it more valuable in order to want to pay a human rather than a cheaper AI.

Other industries will change radically over the next 5 to 10 years. Especially where everything is based on zero’s and one’s ‘Computer language’. We are for example currently seeing a lot of activity in content creation produced by AI. Did you try creating your own 1-minute video by just writing a text? A number of companies is already offering this service.

Now imagine being a business owner. What is the most important part? Sales! Without being able to sell you have no business. To sell you need to engage with a prospective customer who thinks you can solve their problem. It does not matter what type of business you are. Sales is the key to any business.

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Sales and marketing will change forever. Sales and marketing staff will be reduced to an absolute minimum. Those who are experts in communication, entertaining an upcoming client or making someone feel part of the team. Those with empathy, excitement and s superius closing skills be the ones left.

So how does this change? Well, first you have to look at how sales is done. We will try go through this in some very simple steps.

  1. First, you need to produce some content that is a product or service that a potential customer finds interesting or really need.
  2. Then you need to engage and have a conversation with that potential customer.
  3. You then need to ensure you can convince them you are the right business to win their business. Here is where it becomes extremely difficult. The competition will be very high and most competitors will have AI to assist them in convincing the customer. Especially the big companies who have invested millions in building their sales and marketing.
  4. Once you finally get the signature if you are good enough. You then need to deliver what you promised and agreed to.
  5. Finally you have hopefully done it all fantastic and the customer is over the sky for what you did for them. You now need to ensure that they review you so their friends and friends of friends including everyone else know you did amazing.

Simple isn’t it? Its difficult, hard work and not easy. You will need AI to help you understand where you do lack in your performance. So obviously you will purchase an AI coach.

Once you get this right, Well done you. Your future will be very bright. For a while.

As we are still talking about phase 2 which is now about to happen over the next 5 years. What can you do?

It’s a be exciting because you will have to invent something new. Something valuable that AI can’t do and with that I’m sure we will start to have a lot more fun being humans.

Now having fun, living your life, experiencing the world and then what? Phase 3 will cover that. We will go into how AI will transform the products and services we as humans will value.