What is JeffreyAI?

JeffreyAI is a revolutionary business engagement platform designed to streamline and automate essential tasks within your company. From responding to client inquiries and tracking opportunities to following up on cold leads, JeffreyAI handles it all. By delegating these tasks to JeffreyAI, you can dedicate more time to nurturing relationships, negotiating deals, and driving business growth. 


At JeffreyAI, our mission is to empower businesses with cutting-edge technology, liberating them from mundane tasks and enabling them to focus on what truly matters – building valuable relationships, negotiating deals, and driving business growth. With a strong focus on efficiency, we aim to unlock your full potential and unleash growth. Join us today and experience the power of automation and enhanced customer experiences. 


Our primary goal was to not only generate high-quality sales leads to boost revenue but also to alleviate the sales team from repetitive and unproductive tasks. Named after one of our team members, JeffreyAI was developed to capture, comprehend, and respond to email inquiries, allowing the team to forge stronger relationships and close deals more effectively.


“Unlock Efficiency, Unleash Growth” with JeffreyAI.

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A product of Carbon & Finch

In early 2019, Carbon & Finch recognised the need to enhance the efficiency and productivity of their sales team while minimising managerial involvement. That’s when JeffreyAI was born. As a subsidiary of Carbon & Finch, a leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultancy specialising in Microsoft Dynamics, JeffreyAI was created by founder Jimmi Jakobsen to revolutionise sales operations.


Although still in its early stages, JeffreyAI continues to grow stronger and more intelligent with every passing day. It represents Carbon & Finch’s commitment to innovation, automation, and empowering sales teams to achieve greater success. 


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Empowering Efficiency and Growth with JeffreyAI

Dedicated Account

Benefit from personalised
and dedicated account

Flexibility with No Long-term Contract

Enjoy the freedom of a flexible solution without being tied down by long-term contracts.

Continuous Support Throughout

Experience ongoing support and guidance throughout your entire customer journey.

User-Friendly Navigation

Navigate the platform effortlessly with its streamlined and user-friendly interface.

Admin Work Reduction

Achieve cost-efficiency by reducing administrative workloads.

Opportunities Amplified

Global Expansion and Market Growth

Leverage JeffreyAI's capabilities for seamless entry into global markets & capitalise on market growth opportunities.

Machine Learning

Emphasise the integration of AI and machine learning to drive innovation and future-proof your business.

Riding the Wave of Automation

Embrace the power of automation and stay ahead of the curve.

Global Expansion and Market Growth

Leverage JeffreyAI's capabilities for seamless entry into global markets & capitalise on market growth opportunities.

Enhanced Platform Functionality through Integration

Explore integration possibilities to enhance platform functionality.

Increased Visibility in the Expansive BNI Network

Leverage the expansive BNI network to increase brand visibility.

JeffreyAI Management Team

Jimmi Jakobsen


Leigh Nixon

Head of Operations

Trevor Selvanayagam

Business Development Manager

Kenneth Chu

Business Development Manager

Dan Zadobrischi

Product Manager

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