Automate your sales engine


Transform your business strategy with our cutting-edge business automation platform. From lead generation to closing deals, Automate brings efficiency to every step of the business process. Unleash the power of automated workflows, intelligent insights, and streamlined communication. Elevate your sales game and let Automate propel your business towards unprecedented growth and success!”
AI powered customer Engagement from JefferyAI

Intelligent AI & Automation

JeffreyAI is a business engagement platform that incorporates advanced AI features to streamline and automate various tasks within a company. The primary AI feature is the JeffreyAI email auto-reply functionality, which operates at three different levels:

AI/Machine Learning

Create automated responses to client emails and sales outreach activities, with predictive analytics for sales forecasting.

Email Performance Tracking

Monitoring inbound and outbound email for improved engagement and conversions, with comprehensive email management.

Email Sequencing & Templates

The system automatically manages the order and timing of emails as well as generates predefined templates, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in email communication.

Enhance customer engagement across channels

Sales Acceleration & Engagement Tools

Dialer, meeting scheduler, call scripts/steps, and email tracking/automation, with VoIP integration.

Sales Force Automation

Comprehensive management tools for call, contact, customer database, and opportunity management, with customisable user experience options.

Multi-Channel Communication

Integration of various communication channels for seamless customer interaction, with mobile access/compatibility.

Task Management

Scheduling, tracking, and workflow templates, with API for custom integrations and multi-user environment support.

AI powered customer Engagement from JefferyAI