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AI Email Assistant Software

Your AI Email Assistant: Enhancing Communication Efficiency and Productivity, Automatically respond to emails with your very own AI Email Assistant. Tailor your auto-reply system with manual control or advanced AI-driven email responses. Save time and enhance productivity with efficient and effective communication.

Multi-Level Automation

Choose from three distinct AI levels, allowing users to control the extent of automation in their AI email responses.

AI Assistance

Analyse incoming emails to identify patterns and generate relevant responses to unforeseen scenarios or unique queries.

Increased Productivity

Supercharge your business growth by automating essential tasks with AI business automation.

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AI Email Assistant

In the fast-paced world of modern business, effective communication is key to success. JeffreyAI’s cutting-edge AI email Assistant feature brings a new level of efficiency and customization to your inbox. With three distinct AI levels, users can choose the level of automation that best suits their needs, from manual control to advanced AI-driven responses.

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Personalised email content increases average response rates by 32.7%
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When done correctly, cold email campaigns can generate an ROI of up to 4400%
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Manual Generation and Complete Control

Create pre-existing AI scripts tailored to common questions.


AI Assistance for Unforeseen Scenarios

Analyse the content, recognise the question pattern, and use AI to generate a thoughtful and relevant response.


Advanced AI for Contextual Understanding

Advanced AI algorithms to understand the context of the email.


Increased Productivity

Supercharge your business growth by automating essential tasks with AI business automation.

Simplify your work — Reply to emails automatically

Our AI email assistant feature offers a flexible multi-level automation system, allowing users to choose from three distinct AI levels for tailored responses.

Save your time and energy

Effortlessly create high-converting automated workflows that skyrocket your sales and engage your prospects.

Customise AI Level Response

Choose a level of automation based on your business needs. Allowing flexibility for time workload, time of year or sales and marketing needs.

Automate Common Questions

Remove repetitive questions. Use Email assistant to help send automated emails.

AI Email Automation

The AI functionality of JeffreyAI allows it to automatically respond to incoming emails by generating automatic replies based on the specified AI level.

JeffreyAI offers three AI levels. Level 1 involves manual generation and complete control, Level 2 incorporates Level 1 functionality and utilizes AI when Level 1 responses are insufficient, and Level 3 enhances the AI capabilities by leveraging advanced algorithms.

AI Email assistant is great for any business which deals with emails on a day to day. Remove repetitive admin and focus on other tasks.

JeffreyAI is an affordable price of £19.99 a month. You can cancel when you necessary. 

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