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JeffreyAI, through its brand partner II Connections, is empowering business growth by simplifying sales and marketing recruitment. By connecting businesses with the right professionals and providing job seekers with exciting opportunities, JeffreyAI is fostering a healthy business ecosystem where everyone thrives.

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A Partnership for Growth

When it comes to business growth, the role of sales and marketing professionals cannot be overemphasized. These professionals are the lifeline of any business, driving revenue, establishing brand presence, and fostering customer relationships. However, finding the right talent to fill these critical roles is often a challenge, and this is where JeffreyAI’s II Connections comes into play. 


II Connections, a brand partner of JeffreyAI, is a leading player in the sales and marketing recruitment landscape. With a track record of connecting firms with top-tier talent, II Connections is dedicated to empowering businesses and job seekers alike. 

Expertise in Sales and Marketing Recruitment

II Connections' recruiters are recognised for their unparalleled staffing knowledge. Over the past decade, they have been instrumental in executing executive search for a wide range of sales and marketing roles.

Empowering Employers

For employers looking to upgrade their hiring capabilities, II Connections provides a platform that simplifies the recruitment process. The platform advertises open job positions, attracts qualified professionals from around the world, and streamlines the selection process.

Empowering Job Seekers

Job seekers looking for fulfilling careers in sales and marketing can leverage II Connections to access top job opportunities. With an expansive network of employers, the platform fast-tracks the job search process, connecting job seekers with companies that offer solid career growth and competitive compensation.

Empowering Sales and Marketing Recruitment

In today’s competitive landscape, identifying and securing top sales and marketing talent can be tedious for rapidly scaling companies. Yet building high-performing growth teams is imperative.


As JeffreyAI’s recruitment division, II Connections combines AI-matching algorithms with human insight to instantly pinpoint qualified candidates for open positions.


We focus explicitly on matching professionals with specialised expertise in fields like Microsoft Business Applications across verticals like manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and more.


By leveraging JeffreyAI’s backend automation and analytics, II Connections can handle high-volume requisitions with speed and precision. We help ambitious companies build their revenue engines to maximise business growth by securing elusive tech talent perfectly suited to their needs.


Our mission is to create immediate value for clients, candidates, and the community by using recruitment technology to forge meaningful connections at scale.

Sales & Marketing Recruitment, Sales, Marketing, Recruitment

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If you're looking to recruit top-tier sales and marketing professionals, recruit through II Connections today. Harness the power of professional sales and marketing recruitment with JeffreyAI & iiconnections.

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