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Harness the power of JeffreyAI’s review automation to drive business growth, enhance customer engagement, and empower your brand in the digital world. With its intelligent capabilities and user-friendly interface, JeffreyAI’s review automation marketing service is set to revolutionise the way businesses perceive and manage customer reviews.

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Boost Local SEO

Review Automation, Improves visibility on search engines, driving more organic traffic to your website.

Enhance Review Collection

Review Automation, Increases your review collection rate, by automating the review request process.

Boost Credibility

Review Automation, Attracts potential customers, and turns them into leads.

Review Automation Service

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  • Boost SEO
  • Boost Credibility
  • Enhance Review Collection
  • Google Reviews
  • Capterra Reviews

In today’s digital landscape, online reviews heavily influence buying decisions and brand perceptions. However, manually managing a surge of customer feedback across channels is extremely challenging. That’s where JeffreyAI’s innovative review automation solution helps.


Our intelligent review automation platform empowers businesses to effortlessly aggregate, analyse and respond to customer reviews at scale. We streamline the collection of reviews from dosens of sites including Google, Facebook and Yelp into a unified dashboard.


Powerful automations then distribute positive reviews to improve SEO while sentiment analysis classifies negative feedback for swift redressal. Review monitoring protects brand reputation while competitive benchmarking provides actionable insights.


JeffreyAI enables brands to harness the power of review automation for business growth. Our easy-to-use system simplifies review management – schedule a free demo of our review automation platform now!

How Does Review Automation Work?

Review automation follows a streamlined process that begins with feeding in customer details. The system integrates with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Point of Sale (POS) systems, automatically triggering review requests post-customer transactions.


AI then reaches out to the customers, guiding them to your preferred review platform, thereby making the feedback process effortless. Furthermore, it vigilantly monitors your online reputation, allowing you to promptly address negative reviews, and fostering improved customer relations.


Review automation, at its core, is a process that utilises software to automate the collection and management of online reviews. Review automation simplifies the otherwise time-consuming review management tasks, freeing up resources for more critical business activities.

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While several review automation tools exist in the market, JeffreyAI sets itself apart with its adherence to ethical practices, such as avoiding review gating.   The platform's ability to seamlessly integrate with multiple apps, coupled with its analytic capabilities, makes it a reliable choice for businesses seeking to automate their review management process

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