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Social Media Management

Empowering Businesses through Intelligent Social Media Posting with JeffreyAI: The task of crafting engaging social media content, scheduling posts, and managing multiple platforms can be daunting.  This feature empowers businesses by automating their social media posting and optimising their social media content.

Intelligent Automation

With JeffreyAI, you can schedule posts in advance and let the platform take care of the publishing.

Social Media Content Optimisation

JeffreyAI's intelligent algorithms analyse the best times for posting and suggest improvements for maximising engagement.


JeffreyAI provides a unified dashboard where businesses can manage all their social media platforms.

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Social Media Posting Tool

JeffreyAI is a robust AI-powered platform designed to simplify social media management. It serves as a one-stop solution for creating, scheduling, and optimising social media posts. By harnessing the power of AI, JeffreyAI equips businesses with the tools they need to take their social media strategy to the next level. 


JeffreyAI’s intelligent automation not only streamlines social media posting but also contributes to business growth. Here’s how: 


Increased Efficiency

JeffreyAI eliminates the need for manual posting, freeing up valuable time that can be reinvested in other areas of your business.


Consistent Posting

With automated scheduling, you can ensure consistent posting, which is crucial for maintaining brand visibility and audience engagement.


Optimised Engagement

JeffreyAI's intelligent algorithms analyse the best times for posting and suggest improvements for maximising engagement.



With different plans tailored to different needs, JeffreyAI offers cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Understanding the Power of Social Media for Business

Social media has revolutionised the way businesses interact with their customers. It provides a platform for brands to showcase their expertise, boost brand awareness, and engage with their audience. With a well-thought-out approach to social media posting, businesses can significantly increase traffic to their site and generate new leads.

Bronze Plan

Designed for businesses looking to take the first step in social media management, the Bronze Plan offers the creation and publishing of four unique posts per week. The plan includes engaging, royalty-free images, relevant hashtags, and a dedicated account manager. Priced at £99 per month, this plan helps businesses create a consistent social media presence.

Silver Plan

Priced at £199 per month, the Silver Plan offers businesses more comprehensive social media management. With five unique posts per week published on up to two platforms, businesses can reach a wider audience. This plan also includes your logo on images and content team revisions to ensure the highest quality.

Gold Plan

Priced at £299 per month, for businesses seeking full social media coverage, the Gold Plan provides five unique posts per week, published on up to three platforms.

Account Setup & Integration

JeffreyAI also offers account setup and integration services, which includes account creation, bio creation, and profile setup. Priced from £120*, this service is designed to support and augment any of your ongoing social media marketing efforts.

FAQ for Social Media Posting

JeffreyAI is an intelligent AI Business Automation Software that simplifies social media management. It automates social media posting, optimises content, and manages multiple platforms.

JeffreyAI can increase your efficiency, ensure consistent posting, optimise engagement, and offer cost-effective solutions.

JeffreyAI offers the Bronze Plan, Silver Plan, and Gold Plan, each designed to cater to different levels of social media management needs.

Yes, JeffreyAI offers account setup and integration services, which includes account creation, bio creation, and profile setup.

JeffreyAI is an affordable price of £19.99 a month. You can cancel when you necessary. 

Social Media Posting, social media, posting, AI

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