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A full suite of marketing services from JeffreyAI to propel your brand awareness & generate lead.

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Marketing Bundle Services

JeffreyAI is a business engagement platform that looks after all of those tasks that need doing within your company. As a result, you spend more time building relationships, negotiating deals and growing your business. JeffreyAI provides a marketing service to help businesses with their marketing efforts and improving brand awareness.

Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing

JeffreyAI's Social Media Marketing Bundle is a marketing service designed to meet the unique needs of businesses, offering a range of services from creating and publishing content to handling engagement and social listening.

Offering three social media management plans - bronze, silver, and gold - tailored to suit businesses of varying sizes and budgets.

JeffreyAI's social media marketing service includes creating and publishing engaging content, community management, analytics and reporting, and social advertising to help businesses grow their social media presence and achieve their marketing goals.

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JeffreyAI's Cold Calling Marketing Service is a telemarketing service designed to meet the unique needs of businesses looking to generate new leads and sales. It offers a range of cold calling services from crafting compelling scripts to conducting outbound calls and scheduling appointments.

Our cold calling marketing service includes creating customised calling scripts, managing lists of prospects to target, conducting high quality outbound calls, and tracking call metrics to optimise future efforts and maximise ROI.

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Review Automation

Harness the power of JeffreyAI’s review automation marketing service to drive business growth, enhance customer engagement, and empower your brand in the digital world. With its intelligent capabilities and user-friendly interface, JeffreyAI's review automation marketing service is set to revolutionise the way businesses perceive and manage customer reviews.

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JeffreyAI's copywriting service drives more traffic to your website, enhances brand visibility, attracts potential customers, and generates more quality leads. Empower your business growth through our effective copywriting marketing service.