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Spend  less  time  on  sales   admin

Reduce CRM admin and pipeline management to free you up to spend more time selling.

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Streamline finding & qualifying leads

Set your sales process, define your messages and let JeffreyAI qualify more leads more efficiently.

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Automate account management tasks

Automate repetitive account admin tasks to optimise service levels, reduce costs and remove errors.

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JeffreyAI is a smart engagement platform

If you run a business, then your time Is precious. JeffreyAI is a sales engagement platform that looks after all of those tasks that need doing. JeffreyAI responds to inbound client enquiries, keeps track of opportunities, chases up cold leads and everything you need to do. As a result, you spend more time building relationships, negotiating deals and growing your business.

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Use Cases

Use Cases

JeffreyAI helps business leaders and sales professionals to spend more time building relationships, negotiating sales and servicing clients. Check out how JeffreyAI can help your business

Need more time selling?

Tired of answering every website enquiry? Teach JeffreyAI to answer your messages so you can spend more time closing deals.

JeffreyAI does that

Hate answering the same questions every day?

Teach JeffreyAI your best responses to customer enquiries. JeffreyAI will answer every email to let you focus on high value opportunities.

JeffreyAI does that

Love servicing clients, but hate the admin?

JeffreyAI can help automate client admin tasks, such as chasing information or answering questions, leaving you more time to build better relationships.

Jeffrey does that

All sales information in one place

Keep accurate and up to date. JeffreyAI is a secure cloud based platform, so you can stay on top of prospects, opportunities and sales 24×7.

JeffreyAI does that

Love servicing clients, but hate the admin?

JeffreyAI can help automate client admin tasks, such as chasing information or answering questions, leaving you more time to build better relationships.

JeffreyAI does that

Supercharge your team

JeffreyAI is a real team player. Add your colleagues, share information in real time and achieve more together.

JeffreyAI does that

Use JeffreyAI from anywhere

As JeffreyAI is cloud based, you and your team can access JeffreyAI from anywhere, from the office, while on the road or working from home.

JeffreyAI does that

Need to shorten sales cycles?

Ever lost an opportunity because you were too busy to respond? JeffreyAI speeds up responses so you can close sales faster.

JeffreyAI does that

Increase your sales team without hiring more staff

JeffreyAI adds 20% capacity to your sales team by freeing up your time. JeffreyAI never forgets, is never off sick and doesn’t take holidays.

JeffreyAI does that

Stay in touch with your prospects

By automating responses to clients, JeffreyAI can free up your time. Leaving you free to relax with friends and family.

JeffreyAI does that

Spend more time with friends and family

Jeffrey can stay in touch with cold or warm prospects until they’re ready to engage and buy. Be first in the queue to win more business.

JeffreyAI does that




A clear view of your sales data, all in one place. Get a real time picture of your sales KPIs, opportunities, activities and communications in single dashboard.


Keep on top of names, contact details and communications. A central place to keep your prospect and client data. Avoid duplication and missing data.

Sales Flow

Track every touchpoint, call, meeting, activity. See a timeline from initial connection, through very touchpoint to closing the deal and managing the account.


Segment your prospects into groups to target more accurately. Align your messaging to groups of contacts. Increase relevance to close more deals.


Track every deal through its lifecycle. Set up and manage your sales process in an easy to use pipeline. Maintain cadence to progress opportunities to sales.


An audit trail of every call, meeting, touchpoint. Never miss an opportunity to engage with a client. Check which channels and reps perform best.


Run targeted email campaigns to build outbound engagement and convert more deals. Continually monitor and optimise performance.


Manage client accounts more effectively. Build account profiles, find and map more connections to increase relationship quality and grow income.


Add your products or services to JeffreyAI. Set product information, add documentation and collaterals to make it easy for your clients to purchase.


Teach JeffreyAI how to respond to client emails. Use Jeffrey’s templates or personalise your own communications to grow relationships with prospects.


Track inbound and outbound email performance to improve engagement and conversions. See how to convert more deals.

Service & Support

Need a little help? Check out JeffreyAI’s tutorials, knowledge base and support materials. Connect with our helpdesk to answer your questions.

Ready to get started

Speak to one of our consultants to find out more about how JeffreyAI can help your business by allowing users to move away from manual processes. If you are ready to get started now then you can go ahead and sign up for free.

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