The AI Takeover: Is the Human Replacement Package the Future of Work?

Blog: The AI Takeover: Is the Human Replacement Package the Future of Work?

We are only few years away from AI being strong enough to replace a multitude of jobs for some it’s already happening. We see this at an accelerated pace. As a company that has been working in business process optimisation for 15+ years we have seen a multitude of different artificial intelligence products and services being introduced. So there is a big debate on where does this place us human in our jobs and in our society? We have had a table round in JeffreyAI to understand what we think the impact will be.

Our jobs will change and they will change fast. We will no longer write our own emails in a commercial manner or if we do they will be limited to a minimum, artificial intelligence will write our emails for us and ensure a maximum influence or impact of the reader. We will no longer speak to strangers and establish new connections, AI will do the engagements and analyse any valuable interactions that could exist. You might think what about marketing and the bill boards on times square. They will still exists, however the content there will be AI generated to maximise the output and influence on us humans who wants the latest gadget, longevity pill or beautification. AI will sell to humans and influence human behaviour.

Any jobs that includes writing emails or engaging via a media such as the phone, social media or online meetings will be done by AI. Those jobs taking onboard these new AI tools will have commercial advantages that accelerates just like the bitcoin. If you are late you are late.

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So what will those people in jobs do instead where email and engagement with another entity is their main job do instead. Well we think there will be a number of phases and in phase 1 we see that humans as being more of a trainer and a monitor who checks and fine tune different parts of what information the AI will utilise, these jobs are today being advertised in a number of large businesses. There will be multiple levels of monitors and trainers. Strategic, process and technical. The amount of monitors and trainers will be limited to a few either in form of a legal regulatory or commercial contractual manner. So 99.99% of the jobs will go. You will not be needed in this job any longer or will you? Those that will be needed will be the top educated people with a high degree of expertise and experience.

So what do you then do if you do not fit that top 0.01% of the population. There will be multiple jobs that AI can’t complete in Phase 1. Anything that requires your hands and not a computer. So inventing new products and services you can provide to another human. And perhaps you will spend more time exploring, building and entertaining.

If you start now preparing for what is to come you will be ok. Your job will start to slowly transform into more of a trainer and monitor and slowly make you more of a an explorer, builder and entertainer.

There is a whole mountain of issues we as humans need to decide on. We do need our governments to accelerate their impact analysis and ensure we as humans have a place in tomorrow’s world.

Phase 2, 3 and 4 – We will think about that for a little while longer in our second article. So if you want to ensure you don’t miss that add your email here and get notified.

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