Qualifying Sales Leads – Get The Guide

Qualifying Sales Leads Takes Time

If you’re in a customer facing, sales or revenue generation role you’ll know how important it is to deliver results.  In order to manage your time effectively you need to stop wasting time on low value tasks and start investing more time into higher value tasks, such as building relationships, negotiating deals and planning your growth strategy.   Sales professionals repeatedly highlight one task as necessary but labour intensive. That task is Lead Qualification. So, how can you be more efficient qualifying sales leads?

In bound leads show that your business is on the map and your product or service is of sufficient interest to a potential customer for them to reach out to you. That’s a high quality prospect, but not necessarily a good quality lead. Inbound leads typically require more qualifying – to check they fit your target profile. Providing a prompt response to the enquiry will help build trust, help you stand out from slower responding competitors and potentially shorten the sales cycle, but prompt replies aren’t always easy when you’re busy selling. And even harder when you’re on the road or taking time out. So sales opportunities from territories in different time zones can be an admin burden, rather than an opportunity.

Work smarter, not harder

This guide will help you qualifying sales leads and win more sales. The guide covers:

  1. What is a sales lead?
  2. Why is sales lead qualification important?
  3. How do I find more leads?
  4. How do I find better quality leads?
  5. What are the most effective ways of qualifying leads?
  6. What are the best questions to ask?
  7. How do I measure lead qualification?
  8. How can I convert more leads to customers?