Top Tips for Email Marketing Campaigns

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Email campaigns are cost – effective and have the highest conversion rate of any form of marketing. So it’s unsurprising that many businesses favour this method of communication. But with so many of us using email campaigns, how do you avoid the junk folder and get your emails to stand out?

Develop Your Mailing List

To increase the chance of your audience opening your emails, make sure they are genuinely interested in what you have to say. Segment your contacts into groups to ensure that each piece of content is relevant to them. Once you have done this, analyse any problems that group could be having and develop your content around how your business could solve this issue.

Write A Catchy Subject Line

The quality of your subject line will inevitably determine whether or not your email is opened. A lack – luster subject line may mean your email remains closed. Follow these tips to master your subject lines:

  • Studies show that consumers prefer a short and snappy subject line over long sentences – so avoid lengthy phrases.
  • Combine the goal of your email with a short call to action.
  • Use emojis. Don’t go overboard, but the strategic use of an emoji can help your email stand out in a busy inbox.

Make Use of Buttons

Drive your target audience to your website by including a call to action in your buttons. For example:

‘Shop Mens’ or ‘Get It Now’

Including social media buttons is also a great way to drive more engagement to your accounts.

Use High Quality Content

High quality content attracts high quality leads. Communicate to your audience what your business can offer in an interesting and inciteful manner.

Low quality images can greatly reduce the standard of your campaigns. Avoid grainy or pixelated images to achieve a more polished looking email.

Schedule Your Campaigns

A key step in getting your email campaigns to stand out is timing. Consider the schedule of your target demographic and schedule your campaigns to the time they are most likely to check your emails.

A general rule to follow is to avoid sending marketing emails on the weekend, as weekday emails have a much higher open rate.

Consider using a sales and marketing automation tool such as JeffreyAI, so that your email campaigns are always organised.