Making AI Work Podcast – Interview with Jimmi Jakobsen

Jimmi Jakobsen (creator of JeffreyAI) talks to Brett St Clair and Michael Cowen on the Making AI Work Podcast – a podcast that explores how business can adopt and scale AI and looks into the challenges and opportunities that exist.

He discusses the challenges around building JeffreyAI and market maturity within the field of AI.

He explains how he built JeffreyAI to be easy and user friendly for the small business who doesn’t have the time or skill to master more complex CRM’s like Salesforce but wants to increase sales from their existing customer base through making communication more efficient and effective.

About JeffreyAI

JeffreyAI enables small and medium sized companies to benefit from a low cost and easy to use sales automation platform which uses artificial intelligence to reduce administration and save time.

The platform which can be accessed from a desktop PC, tablet or mobile device, automates most of the processes involved in finding leads, engaging prospects and closing business-to-business sales. JeffreyAI uses a unique sales flow capability to communicate with prospective clients, respond to inbound enquiries, ensures timely outbound communications (whether by phone, email or meetings) and helps to close deals faster by centralising essential information.

As a result, JeffreyAI releases sales leaders and their teams from burdensome administration to focus on building relationships with prospects, negotiating deals and servicing clients.

JeffreyAI was developed to address Carbon & Finch’s own requirements to maintain an active sales and marketing presence, even while the company’s resources were focussed on delivering client projects.