Blog: Ergonomics In The Workplace

Good ergonomics is imperative to a productive and healthy work environment. When office ergonomics are solid, employees feel happier, motivated and more comfortable in their workspace.

Implementing ergonomics into your workspace has a variety of benefits. It will save you money, increase employee morale, and keep the office an enjoyable workplace.

Establish A Good Working Posture

When an individual’s posture is correct, it will decrease the chances of contracting back, neck, and shoulder pain. The ideal posture for office workers who sit for prolonged hours is to sit with hands, wrists, and forearms in line and parallel to the floor.

Invest In Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic furniture is specially designed to make working in an office environment more comfortable. The types of ergonomic furniture you can get include ergonomic chairs, desks, office accessories, back supports, and footrests.

Reduce Repetitive Movement

Repeating the same motion repeatedly, such as typing on a keyboard all day, will cause stress and eventually lead to injury. The best way to reduce repetitive movements is by changing tasks regularly throughout the day, even if it’s for a short time.

Stand Up And Move Around

This is really important. If you’re an office worker, you should stand up and walk around every hour and take a few minutes to stretch your legs. Sitting for prolonged periods can make sitting down feel really uncomfortable.

Maintain A Positive Environment

The two key elements of a good environmental setting are lighting and temperature. Temperature settings should be set to a level that everyone finds comfortable, and lighting should be as natural as possible, but should not cause glare on computer screens.