JeffreyAI Actvities page Guide

The activities page shows all your recent actions, including notes, phone calls, meetings and emails sent to contacts or organisations, as well as upcoming tasks in your calendar. The activities tab is shown as the tick box on the main task bar.

The activities table will list all activities in a similar format to tables on other pages. 2 new columns exclusive to the table are the Status and Type columns. While these share the same names as other columns from other pages, they are different.

The status column splits into 2 data lines: a progression line and a “done” button. The progression line will indicate whether the task is still to do, in progress or finished. The Done button can be pressed to automatically complete the task.

The type column indicates what kind of activity the line is from 5 options. These are all coloured and designed differently to easily distinguish between them.

Activities can also be viewed in Pipeline view, with 3 columns separating the tasks based on their progression status.

Creating a new Activity

To create a new activity, select the “Create Activities” Button in the top right-hand corner of the page. This will open a side column to the right-hand side.

From here you will be able to name your activity, select it’s type and assign it to a User, and set a due date. When you are ready press the “Create” button at the bottom of the column to create the new activity, you can also cancel at any time by selecting the cancel button.