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7 Sense blend, manufacturer and distribute e-liquids for the European vaping market. The company uses top ingredients from Europe and North America to produce 50 different flavours such as Gummi Bear, Lemon Tart and Custard. 7 Sense has an office in the UK and Denmark and sells through retailers and stockists.


Jesper Stilling, the company’s founder and CEO, is continually busy. He over sees sourcing, inventory, blending, manufacture, distribution, sales and the company’s finances. He loves to keep in touch with his customers but as the company is growing, it is getting harder and harder to keep on to of everything. There is simply so much information to keep up to date, customer contact information, stock levels, orders, despatch notes, invoices and for each retail customer. 7 Sense needs to maintain stock levels in order to issue accurate and timely invoices. But like many owner managers, finding and keeping the right employees to share the workload is time consuming and costly. The company previously invested in a CRM (Pipedrive) to help centralise this information, but quickly Jesper found it still relied on lots of manual updating and quickly got out of date – which caused more problems than it solved. With an increasing number of retailers in more and more countries taking on multiple product lines, the problem of keeping on top of customer held stock and therefore issuing accurate and timely invoices was becoming a critical problem for invoicing administration, cashflow but also took more of Jesper’s time dealing with problems. This had to change.


That’s when 7 Sense switched to JeffreyAI. JeffreyAI has all the usual CRM features, but adds automated workflows to intelligently take care of admin processes and free up Jesper and his team to do more productive and enjoyable work. All of 7 Sense’s sales prospects, customers, contact details, contact history, notes and comments, products and orders are centrally stored in an easy to use, cloud based platform. So if Jesper is travelling to meet a prospect or customer, he can check on the contact history, quotations and notes from his sales and account management team whilst on the road. Not only that, 7 Sense have automated many of the administration tasks needed to run the business. JeffreyAI keeps in touch with cold leads and tries to warm them up to become an active prospect. JeffreyAI also helps to qualify enquiries from prospects by responding to questions, sending out product information and sharing links to 7 Sense’s website. As JeffreyAI provides in-app calling, Jesper can contact a customer or prospect in just 3 clicks. JeffreyAI’s email automation workflow has been configured to chase up customer stock levels and intelligently ensure that 7 Sense has the information it needs to get their invoices sent and paid more promptly, freeing up Jesper to focus on building better customer relationships.


With JeffreyAI, 7 Sense have automated many of the administration tasks necessary to run their business. They are planning to use more of JeffreyAI’s clever capabilities such as the intelligent workflow to free up more time. JeffreyAI has had an instant impact of 7 Sense’s business – a central store of customer information and quicker responses to enquires gives Jesper better control of his growing business and increases revenues, and improved cashflow by keeping on top of customer invoicing and stock levels. Next, 7 Sense are planning to integrate JeffreyAI with their Xero accounting software – which will automate every step of their business from initial enquiry right through to collecting the cash from their invoices. With JeffreyAI on the team, Jesper has added more capacity without having to grow the number of employees. As a result the business is growing faster, is more profitable and Jesper is able to enjoy his evenings and weekends without the burden of admin.


“JeffreyAI was so easy to set up and the clever automation has freed me up to focus on the things I love – looking after customers and growing my business”