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Looking for a sales ramp up? Whether you need lots of small customers or a few large deals, here’s a list of 10 ways you can ramp up sales, that won’t cost you a penny.

1. Visit your customers to Ramp Up Sales

Spend time with your customers, not just the largest or the best payers. Meet the challenging customers too. Listen and learn – what challenges do they have, how does your product or service help. Would they refer your product to other customers? Are they able to buy more from you? How can you look after them to prevent them from switching to a competitor? Above all, offfer them improved service levels by rolling out an intelligent online assistant such as Jeffrey AI. For instance, you can tailor how Jeffrey responds to ensure he stays on message and looks after your customers to keep them longer.

2. Build Your Sales Network

Increase sales by growing your list of contacts and networking. For instance, the occasional email or phone call helps build trusted relationships. Reach out just to say Hi, rather than when you need a favour. In other words, give something to get something. For instance, a good contact network can be your best lead finders. So, rather than continually un-subscribing or adding unwanted sales emails to your trash folder, let Jeffrey filter them, respond to those you want, and opt-out of those you don’t. As a result, whilst Jeffrey is still learning how to do this intelligently – you’ll soon have Jeffrey on your team.

3. Ramp Up Sales – Raise your profile 

Be visible online, offline and be authentic. That is to say, blog, tweet, post and have something intelligent to say. For example, share good ideas, be consistent and keep innovating and delivering value.  After that, people will begin to trust your expertise if you are truthful in your online presence.

4. Boost Sales by Saying “Yes”

There’s a difference between product sales people and solution sales people. For example, if a customer asks the product guy if they sell product X, Y or Z, the product guy will say no if they don’t manufacture or stock the relevant product. Where-as the solution seller, will get a deeper understanding of the customer requirements and recommend a higher value combination of products and services. So they get the deal.

5. ABM (Always Be Marketing) 

You’ve heard of the old sales acronym ABC (“Always Be Closing”). Well, quite frankly that’s out of date – customers don’t like the pressure sales and don’t trust those who persist in selling a product or service they don’t want or need. Continually marketing to a large number of potential customers, means your messages will be seen and hopefully will resonate with the widest number of potential customers. If they want your product or service – they will reach out to you.

6. Use Automation to Free Up Your Time

There’s only so many hours in the day and you can’t be in more than one place at a time. Quality over quantity works every time. So what are the most time consuming tasks that you can automate? In sales – its often finding leads and qualifying leads which are viewed as the most tedious and inefficient tasks. That’s why Jeffrey AI exists. Jeffrey helps busy sales people to qualify more sales leads, freeing up people to do more valuable activities such as negotiating deals and building relationships. The AI can intelligently read inbound customer enquiries and provide the most effective responses. In short, Jeffrey can be taught by sales team to optimise conversions.

As a result you’ll convert more sales. And you can try Jeffrey for free: simply email or go to

7. Check out your competitors

Watch their webcasts, read their blog and attend events to see how they exhibit themselves at trade shows and conferences. Consider where they are strong, and where they are weak. Understand their sales strategy, pricing, marketing. What can you learn? Don’t copy, but learn and improve.

8. Figure out how to disrupt your market

Its interesting how markets are changing with new entrants changing the old incumbents. Why did Amazon start selling groceries? Answer: It has world class fulfilment and storage. Do you rely on your local restaurant when you have wider choice on Just Eat? Similarly, if you want to be able to chose your mode of transport – try Uber. In conclusion, identify what market pain point you can solve with your existing product or service?

9. Sell more by selling to more markets

“What?”, I hear you say, “I thought this was about FREE ways to increase sales!”.  If you’re selling online or even if your sales process requires phone or video calls, the cost of doing business internationally is negligible. However, it might mean a few early calls or evening calls, but opening up new markets can give you a wider number of opportunities to go after. Consider using Sales AI, such as Jeffrey AI, to answer out of hours sales enquiries from customers. Therefore, you can look like you’re responding even while you sleep.

10. Test new Value Propositions

Try out new messages, refine your product or service offering. Additionally, test pricing and delivery information. All of this takes time to do and management time to monitor what works and what doesn’t. However, Jeffrey AI can help. With Jeffrey, you can refine your sales messages and try new things and see what works. Easy.