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``We built JeffreyAI to solve our own lead qualification problem - but found that most businesses have the same challenges.``

Jimmi Jakobsen - CEO of Carbon and Finch

What is JeffreyAI?

JeffreyAI is a CRM that was built to assist sales teams be more proactive engaging with their leads. It is quick to deploy and easy to use, with a low monthly subscription fee based on the number of contacts. Customers can be up and running in just a few minutes without needing lengthy training or to integrate into third party software.


Jeffrey uses conversation artificial intelligence (AI) to answer questions, share information, book meetings and improve conversions to efficiently qualify more leads.

JeffreyAI has a user friendly intuitive design interface.

We can help you mould to your current practices, while adding time saving automated tools.

FREE & Low monthly costs for other subscriptions.

Jeffrey AI helps companies to convert more prospects into sales ready leads.

47% of polled CRM users said that their CRM had a “significant impact” on customer satisfaction

Source: Capterra CRM Industry User Research Report

Benefits of using JeffreyAI

JeffreyAI is more than just a way of storing the names and emails of prospects and clients, it can help you to enrich your customer service.

Spreadsheets are hard to update, interpret, and keep in sync with your team

Valuable customer information hides in your employees’ inboxes.

Notes get lost or thrown away.

Customer communication is inconsistent between your employees.

Stay focused on your customers

Using a CRM can reduce a company’s marketing costs by 23%

Source: Cloudswave infographic

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