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JeffreyAITutorialsHow to set up your account

How to set up your JeffreyAI account

To get started download our printable quick user guide or follow the on screen instructions below.

Download Quick Start User Guide

Download the JeffreyAI User Guide as a printable pdf.


When you first access Jeffrey AI, you will first face this screen. From here you have the option to do one of the following:
1. Create a new account

2. Login in with a previous account

3. Reset your password

Your password must meet all the following criteria to validate:
1. At least 8 characters long

2. Include at least one letter, number and symbol

3. At least one uppercase and lowercase letter

To log in, you can type in your Username and password in their respective boxes and select “Log in”
to enter JeffreyAI.

For each stage, once the mandatory fields are completed, the ‘Next’ button will change colour from grey to blue and you’ll be able to continue.

After filling in the relevant fields you need to activate your account. Click on the link


The Dashboard is the first page you will see when you log in to JeffreyAI. This displays a variety of graphs, statistics and information about how you, your team, and JeffreyAI are currently performing, as well as recent activity and upcoming tasks.

Dashboard Icons

On the left hand side of the tool bar you will see that you can access any of the pages of JeffreyAI at any time from the Main Menu.
Each Icon on the taskbar represents a different page of JeffreyAI.

Video Tutorials

Watch our video tutorials on how to set up a contact, an organisation and a group.

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