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Check out how JeffreyAI can help you spend more time building relationships, negotiating sales and servicing clients to increase revenues and profits

Long Sales Cycles


If you’re involved in the building trade, you’ll be used to long lead times from initial enquiry to getting the job completed. Staying on top of the client requirements, keeping in touch with architects, surveyors, contractors and everyone else needed to get the job done, is time consuming and expensive.

JeffreyAI can help. Firstly, JeffreyAI keeps everyone’s contact details accurate and up to date so you can get in touch where-ever and when-ever you need. Communications are all stored centrally and securely in the cloud, so you’ll always have a record of every piece of information.

JeffreyAI can chase up overdue information and answer simple questions to keep the project moving forward. And JeffreyAI keeps an audit trail, just in case you need to check up on what happened and when.

Best of all, JeffreyAI never forgets, never sleeps, never takes a holiday and never goes off sick – so you can focus on building great relationships and getting the deal done.

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Too busy to cope


For many small businesses, handling a sudden surge of enquiries presents challenges. You need more staff, working longer hours or risk delaying responses. In recruitment for example, demand for an advertised position may create a spike in inbound emails, which all need to be properly assessed and responded to quickly.

The easy option is simply to delay response or worse, simply, not respond. JeffreyAI can help. Recruiters can really stand out from the crowd by automating responses intelligently using JeffreyAI.

Teach Jeffrey to recognise specific words or phrases that will identify stand-out candidates or respond to those that simply don’t match basic selection criteria.

Not located locally, no thanks. Don’t fit the basic criteria, not for us. No CV attached, please re-attach and re-submit. Jeffrey frees up recruiters time to filter, review and assess candidate profiles.

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Multiple interactions with clients


For many businesses such as wholesalers and distributors, looking after clients is a big headache.

Checking up on orders, replenishments, assessing stock levels and making sure the invoicing is accurate is time consuming but essential.


There’s lots of similar tasks that need to be repeated, month in, month out. That’s where JeffreyAI can help.

Teach JeffreyAI the processes you wish to automate, set up the messages and the clients to communicate with and set JeffreyAI on his way.


Retailer not responding to your requests? JeffreyAI can chase them up. Need to share a product update, JeffreyAI can notify your clients. JeffreyAI frees up account managers to build better relationships and protect your margins.

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Get ahead of your competitors


Industries such as travel, are highly competitive and responding quickly and professionally to inbound enquiries is critical. Customers can be fickle, and will often contact several agents in order to find out more and book their holiday or business travel.


Building a trusted relationship quickly can make the difference between a sale and being beaten by a competitor. JeffreyAI can help. By setting up personalised response emails using JeffreyAI’s range of tried and tested templates, your client will get a prompt response to their initial enquiry.

They can receive a personalised response, with document attachments or links to further information, before your competitors have even seen the email. JeffreyAI can be taught which agent is responsible and alert them to respond.


Family package to Majorca, alert Susie. Round-the-world cruise, then its Phil. Win more business by responding faster than your competitors.

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Be responsive 24×7


It’s all too easy to set the out-of-office auto-responder on when you’ve taken a well-earned day off or spending time with clients. But, clients expect more, and you can differentiate your business by implementing a more sophisticated solution. JeffreyAI can help.


Teach JeffreyAI to recognise key clients and escalate emails to text or calls to ensure a prompt response.

JeffreyAI can read your inbound emails and spot a new business opportunity that needs a prompt response, or a complaint that should be re-directed to a different team.


Trading internationally? JeffreyAI never sleeps, never takes a holiday and hates weekends, so can provide an initial response to that big opportunity from the Far East that arrives in the middle of the night.

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Reduce Sales Admin

Many founders and leaders of small businesses work excessive hours just to get the job done. Early mornings, evenings and weekends are often used to catch up on the paperwork such as updating the CRM or catching up on emails.


If you had an extra pair of hands, how much time would that free up? Give JeffreyAI those admin tasks you hate.

Chasing up over due invoices, letting suppliers know about changes to contract terms, keeping cold prospects up to date with promotions and offers – that’s where JeffreyAI can help.


You simply teach JeffreyAI what tasks you want JeffreyAI to take care of how, and JeffreyAI gets it done. Spend more time with the family, on the golf course or simply enjoying running your business.

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