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The settings page allows you to customize several features within Jeffrey AI related to the pages and user control. You can access the settings tab by clicking the gear icon from the navigation bar.

Please note that some customization features may not be available depending on your user permissions:

  • Super Admins have access to all areas.
  • Users have access to most areas but lack the admin permissions of a super admin. Users can also have some settings, such as being able to view, import/export data, and editing turned on or off by a super admin.
  • Suppliers have limited access to the workspace, they will only be able to see information relating to certain products. They will not be able to view anything else.

Account Defaults and Users

The first two pages are related to user accounts and admin permissions.

The first page you will come across is your Account defaults, from here you will be able to edit details such as your account name and currency, language and time zone cannot be edited. You will also have the option to turn two-factor authentication on or off.

Admin user view

On the Users tab, you will be able to view the current users on your Jeffrey AI workspace and their access capabilities.

Depending on your access, for example, If you’re a super admin you will also be able to turn some features on and off for other Users.

You will also be able to invite other users via email by pressing the button in the top right-hand corner, for more information on this process please see the “Inviting new contacts” in the Login section of the user guide. One key difference, however, if you have the right permissions you will be able to immediately select their admin permissions

You will also be able to alter the permissions of current users and change their profile pictures by selecting the user from the list. You can also delete users from the workspace from here.

contact settings

Page Properties

There are several more tabs on the settings page, relating to many of the pages in Jeffrey AI. However, the functionality of each tab is the same. Each page relates to properties on each specific page, allowing the user to select and deselect fields that will appear, as well as creating new fields.

contact property settings

You will be able to select and deselect any fields from the left-hand side of the page and you will be able to reorder them by selecting the 3 horizontal lines next to their name on the right-hand side and dragging them.

When you return to the page, the properties will appear from left to right based on their vertical order from this page, with the top property appearing the furthest left.

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