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Close more deals with effective sales follow-up emails. Download our pack of sales follow-up email templates.

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    What's In The Pack

    In this guide, we have prepared 13 sales follow-up templates for some of the most common enquiry types which will enable you to follow-up with prospects in away that stands more chance of converting your leads into sales - all whilst saving you time.

    13 sales follow-up templates

    Sales follow-up templates for some of the most common enquiry types.


    Based on a best-practice approach that you can customise to fit your own style.

    Save Time

    Don't spend hours trying to word your emails. Using templates will help you save time.

    Spend more time selling

    Having the right follow-up email in place frees you up to do higher value tasks such as selling.

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    sales follow up email templates
    Use Our Templates to Create Effective Emails

    Follow-up emails can be a tedious task. But if you're going to push a deal over the line, getting them right is essential. This is why we have compiled email follow-ups for the following series of the most common use cases:

    1. Inbound general enquiry
    2. Pricing enquiry
    3. Post-meeting/call
    4. After leaving a voicemail
    5. After a conference/ networking event
    6. After sending multiple follow-up emails

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