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    JeffreyAI is a sales engagement platform that helps small and medium sized businesses to automate the tasks they hate.

    Clients love JeffreyAI as it's easy to use, low cost but delivers amazing tools to automate inbound and outbound emails, improve conversions and intelligently respond to client enquiries.

    Earn Referral Fees

    Earn fees by introducing JeffreyAI to your clients. Once your client subscribes to a paid plan, you will start receiving a monthly income based on the number of users your clients subscribes to.

    Who can become an affiliate?

    JeffreyAI’s referral program is perfect for marketing agencies, freelancers, outsourced sales teams, telemarketing businesses and anyone who loves to help their clients grow their revenues.

    Simple to Sign Up

    It’s simple to sign up, has no complex rules or targets – you just a get an income based on the value of your client’s monthly subscription. Refer more clients to achieve higher % referral fees.

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