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About us

Jeffrey AI was born in early 2019 in order to fulfill a need for automating and managing tasks for the sales team with minimal time required from the manager.

JeffreyAI’s parent is BidaTask which provides software development for Microsoft Dynamics, C# and .Net. The company’s founder, Jimmi Jakobsen, needed to improve the quality and quantity of sales leads in order to increase revenues but also to reduce the team’s time on repetitive and often unproductive tasks.

So the team built JeffreyAI, named after one of the team. JeffreyAI focuses on capturing, understanding and responding to email inquiries, freeing up the team to build better relationships and close more deals.

JeffreyAI is still young, but every day gets stronger and smarter.


Since using JeffreyAI, I’m spending more time talking to customers and building relationships and less time filling in spreadsheets

Maggie, Recruitment Agency


I love JeffreyAI. Chasing clients every month was painful, now JeffreyAI takes care of it. It’s saved us hours of time

Phil, Wholesale Business


Using spreadsheets from sales information was killing our business. Switching to JeffreyAI has helped us grow our business

Lorna, Architect


Having a personal touch with clients is critical but time consuming. JeffreyAI has freed up my time to build better relationships

Derek, Property Developer

As the owner of a small business, I used to spend weekends catching up on admin. Now I’ve got more time with my family

Suzi, Luxury Cosmetics


I didn’t realise how stressed I was until I got JeffreyAI to take care of the admin I hated and avoided. I’ve now got time to think

Alex, Festival Hire Company